Are Lane Johnson And Wife Chelsea Johnson Separated?

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Lane Johnson married Chelsea Goodman in January 2013. Since their marriage, the couple has had three children.

Johnson, on the other hand, divorced his wife in 2019 after six years of marriage for reasons neither of them have disclosed. In October 2021, Johnson acknowledged his unhappiness and anxiety in a tweet. He revealed that he had kept his issues hidden from his family and friends, and he expressed gratitude to everyone who had assisted him.

As a result, many people believe this is what caused his divorce from his wife. The specifics, on the other hand, are uncertain.

Lane Johnson and his Wife Chelsea Goodman

Johnson has been silent regarding his friendship with Goodman. They met while both were athletes at the University of Oklahoma.

Johnson was a football player, while Goodman was a high jump champion. John Goodman, her father, was also an athlete. He played defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1980 to 1985.

Goodman has always been a vocal booster of Johnson, even attending the NFL Draft with him. The year they married, Johnson was drafted into the NFL.

They have three kids together

Johnson’s NFL career and family both started around the same time. He and Goodman welcomed their first child, David Chase Johnson, in August 2013.

On the day of his preseason game, David was born. David, like Johnson, was born with a clubfoot, a congenital abnormality.

David was in a cast from the time he was six days old until he was three months old. His clubfoot had been corrected by the time he was ten months old.

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Johnson later remarked that becoming a father taught him a great deal about life and brought him much joy. “It’s been a true light since having him, just learning to think of someone else more than yourself.”

He also mentioned his friends and family. He shared the happy news with a photo of himself and his newborn on Twitter. Journey Lane Johnson, a Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle, revealed the name of his daughter. He also mentioned that the mother and daughter were both in good health.

Johnson shared a selfie of himself and his daughter celebrating their Super Bowl LII triumph on Instagram.

Johnson and Goodman welcomed Channing McCoy Johnson, their third child, into their family of four in March 2019.

Goodman’s Instagram is filled with photographs of their three children, which she updates frequently. She also posted a family photo to Instagram in December 2020, labeling it with the phrase “blessed.”

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