Athena Calderone

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Athena Calderone is an American entrepreneur, designer, blogger, and author who is best known for her cookbook Cook Beautiful.

What is the Net worth of Athena Calderone in 2022?

Athena Calderone makes a good living as a designer. She’s been in the business for 20 years and has acquired a sizable fortune. She’s also the author of two best-selling novels and runs a blog. By 2022, she is expected to have a net worth of $1.5 million.


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Early Life of Athena Calderone: Born and Age

Athena Calderone, commonly known as Athena Avella, is a 47-year-old actress who was born on November 14, 1974. Her astrological sign is Scorpio, and she was born and raised in the United States of America on Long Island. Her parents own and manage a salon in the cosmetology profession. She also spent a lot of time sweeping hair off the floor at their salon. It was also her favorite work, she stated.



Athena completed her education by studying dance at college. She was able to connect the connections between dance and design as a result. She eventually graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York with a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Body Measurements

Examining her photographs Athena appears to be a tall woman with a good figure, but her specific body measurements are not available in the public domain. In addition, she is a brunette with dark eyes.

Relationship Status: Married

Athena is married to Victor Calderone, the name of her husband. He is a disc jockey specializing in techno house music. Their first meeting happened in 1996 while they were both hanging out at New York’s Limelight.

At this time, Victor was entertaining everyone with his music, while Athena was working as a bartender. They began dating and became engaged after only two years of dating. Their wedding was a grandiose occasion that took place on September 11, 1999. The wedding, which took place at Southampton’s Whitefield Estate, featured a Cuban band. The decor was equally gorgeous, with lacey tablecloths and velvet couches. After their wedding, they welcomed their son, Jivan Calderone, into the world in 2003.

Presence on social media

She is an avid user of social media sites like as Instagram, where she has 852 thousand followers under the name @eyeswoon.

Professional Career

  • Through her residences, Athena Calderone has amassed a significant amount of experience with interior design. Over the last two decades, she has lived in eight different homes, each of which she has completely rebuilt. Furthermore, she claims that each of these homes provided her with the opportunity to improve her planning skills.
  • When Athena was constantly travelling with her significant other and child, she started her blog EyeSwoon in 2011. She claimed she had a lot of energy but couldn’t do anything since she was always moving. Finally, she decided to express her creativity through her website. She demonstrates a variety of methods for people to enjoyably decorate their rooms and homes. She has also written a few pieces on how she has successfully transformed her living spaces into more enjoyable rooms with simple alternatives and changes.
  • Aside from her website, Athena started working on her house. She began tinkering with her furniture and changing her surroundings on a regular basis. This enabled her to do more current and effective searches for her house, as well as allow her to dabble in subjects such as cooking and planning.
  • Cook Beautiful was the first book written by Athena Calderone. The book includes over a hundred recipes for popular foods such as charred eggplant with zaatar and stewed pork with squash. She has also supplied the developments in a logical order so that the viewers may put up the dish without being confused. Her publications also provide table designs for the food sources that are available.
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