Carlos Anthony

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Carlos Anthony is a professional chef living in California. He is a chef who never imagined he would become so well-known for his work on a global scale when he started his profession. Until he started his first job at a restaurant, he had never considered becoming a chef. Despite the fact that he grew up in a house where chilies and roasted pig were always present.

Carlos is now happy with his job as a chef and believes that good food can make anyone’s day better. He is competing in the cooking competition in the third season of the Tournament of Champions. It’s a popular Food Network show that’s well-known among viewers of cooking competitions. According to sources, Carlos has been performing well since the beginning of the show and has now been named one of the top 16 chefs who will compete in the competition’s next rounds.

What is the Net Worth of Carlos Anthony in 2022?

When it comes to Carlos’ net worth, we can say that he makes a lot of money through his restaurant in Salt and Cleaver. He currently has a net worth of $500k USD, which is impressive for someone with no prior experience in the food and beverage industry. He has shared his several sumptuous recipes on Instagram, which can make anyone’s mouth water by raising the desire to eat them all.

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Wikis of Carlos Anthony

Full Real Name Carlos Anthony
Nickname Carl, Carlos
Language English
School Name Local High School.
University University of Arizona
Education Graduate
Profession Chef
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Age (as of 2022) 31 years old.
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Date of Birth In 1990
Place of Birth Tucson, Arizona.
Net worth $500k USD
Current Residence San Diego

Early Life of Carlos Anthony : Age , Born and Education

Mr. Carlos is from Tucson, Arizona, and he has magic in his hands. With his different cooking skills, he can make food taste better. He currently resides in the state of California.

He aspired to be a lawyer as a child, unaware that he would one day become a prominent figure in the food sector. Carlos Anthony used to compete in debate tournaments when he was in school to polish his public speaking talents. He subsequently went on to the University of Arizona to get his bachelor’s degree.

However, he began working in a neighborhood pizza business while finishing his education, and his plans to become a lawyer evolved. He made the decision to work in the culinary arts. Carlos then decides to take the next step in his life by learning to cook.

Body Measurements : Height and Weight

Carlos Anthony stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 75 kg. He wears size 8 shoes (US). 40-15-34 inches is his physical measurement. He has dark brown hair and black eyes. Parents of Carlos Anthony

Carlos Anthony Chef Wiki: Carlos talked about his grandma and mother. He expressed his affection for his mother by posting a photo of her on Instagram. Carlos’ image with his mother plainly demonstrates that he is a mamma’s boy who has gone to great lengths to ensure his mother’s happiness.

His grandmother, on the other side, has been attributed with his success in life. Carlos claimed that five or seven years ago, his grandma gave him all of the family’s cuisine recipes. His grandmother’s mother passed down these recipes to his grandmother, who then passed them on to him.

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Carlos’s success in life has been boosted by all of these recipes. He cooked with some of the components from these recipes. He used to spend hours in his grandmother’s kitchen watching her prepare delicious food.

Relationship Status : Dating

Carlos is currently involved in a happy relationship with Allison O’Neil. Allison O’Neil has seen many of his intimate photos. They are not, however, legally married.

Carlos Anthony was following his love life with a girl named Olivia before dating Allison O’Neil. He stayed in a long relationship with Olivia, but they split up a few years ago. Since 2012, Olivia and Carlos have been together.


  • When he has leisure time, you may find him fishing and barbecuing his catch.
  • He enjoys watching football matches.
  • He plays golf well outside of the kitchen.
  • Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” is his favorite song.
  • The Last of the Mohicans is his favorite book.
  • His Instagram account has 3482 followers.
  • Last year, Carlos went to Mexico.

Professional Life and Career

Working at Pizza Point when Carlos was 15 had such an impact on him that his next trip was San Diego shortly after. Chef Brian Malarkey’s door was driven open by his culinary ambitions. Carlos Anthony was given the opportunity to work with Brian Malarkey after a successful interview. He learned a lot while working there. He remained on the seersucker opening team. Carlos worked for Brian Malarkey at his Malarkey’s Fabric Restaurants, Burlap, Gabardine, and Seersucker, for numerous years.

Carlos continued to hone his skills by opening his own restaurant in 2013. He opened the Salt and Clever restaurant. His restaurants, Taco Asylum Gourmet Tacos in Hillcrest and Taco Asylum Gourmet Tacos in Costa Mesa, are currently open.

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Years later, he rejoined with Chef Malarkey’s Kitchen at his new restaurant Herb and Wood in Little Italy, having improved his culinary skills and sharpness. He is currently employed there as an Executive Chef.

You may recall seeing Carlos on Food Network several times before to the current Tournament of Champions. Then you are correct; he has previously competed in various Food Network competitions. He first featured on the second episode of Cutthroat Kitchen season 7 on February 22, 2015. By impressing judge Tila, he remained the round winner and received the prize of $9900.

After winning the Cutthroat Kitchen round, he was invited to play in Chopped: Next Generation, which premiered last year in 2021.

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