Christina Bobb

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Christina Bobb formerly served as the Department of Homeland Security’s Executive Secretary (DHS). She is also a TV character, writer, and reporter in the United States. Christina was in charge of all the drafting letters between the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary at DHS.

What is the Net Worth of Christina Bobb in 2022?

Christina Bobb’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. She made her wealth in the United States as a television host, reporter, and news anchor. Christina Bobb was also the Department of Homeland Security’s Executive Secretary (DHS).


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Wikis of Christina Bobb

Who is Christina Bobb?

Christina was born in the United States of America, in the city of Louisville. She is a multifaceted lady who has worked as a lawyer, strategist, novelist, marine, journalist, and more. Bobb is a reserved woman who prefers to keep her personal life secret; as a result, nothing is known about her parents. She does, however, have two brothers and sisters.

Early Life of Christina Bobb: Born and Age

Christina was born on November 4th, 1985, and as of 2022, she is 37 years old. She is a Scorpio because she was born on that date.

Regarding her academic credentials, Christin Bobb attended Mountain Pointe High School and graduated with a high school diploma. She went on to Arizona State University and got a Bachelor of Arts degree. Christina also holds a master’s degree in business administration from San Diego State University. Bobb graduated from California Western School of Law with a J.D. and Georgetown University Law Center with an LLM in National Security Law.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

The journalist is about 150 pounds and measures 5 feet 11 inches tall (68 kilos). She does, however, have brown hair and grey eyes. She has a lovely long face, a slim nose, and a trim figure.

Relatonship Status: Single

Because she prefers to keep her personal life secret, Christina Bobb’s marital status is unknown. She looks to be unattached. She may have been in a relationship, but there is no information about it.

Presence on social media

Christina is an expert in social media. As an OANN TV host, she must keep up with all of the latest news and events from across the world, and social networking sites are the best method to do it. She created a Twitter account in March 2014 and now has over 62K followers, while her Instagram account has roughly 42k followers and 340 posts.

Professional Career

Christina Bobb is a former Executive Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and an American television character, writer, pundit, and lawyer (DHS). All written correspondence to and from the Secretary and Deputy Secretary was her responsibility. Bobb was also in charge of the office’s briefings, legislative approval reports, declarations, and record-keeping inquiries.
Christina Bobb is a well-known lawyer with a background in National Security Law and Litigation. Bobb served in the US Marine Corps as a Judge Advocate and was stationed in Afghanistan and Virginia before joining DHS. She also worked as a task official in Stuttgart, Germany, where she kept top management up to date on current events in Europe and Africa.

Bobb became the Executive Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security in 2018. Christina managed official produced communications for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security as Executive Secretary. Her office was also in charge of the Department’s mail processing and delivery cycles, as well as legislative approval papers, hearing declarations, and enquiries for the record (QFR) with administrative approving councils.

In the same year, she became the Trump administration’s Executive Director of Policy at Customs and Border Protection. She was also spotted with Trump officials in the conference room with the rest of the president’s group on those days.

She joined “One America News Network” after working for the Trump administration. She and OANN colleague Chanel Rion also founded “Voices and Votes.” Voices and Votes is a group dedicated to protecting free speech from censorship and ensuring that American voices are heard at the polls.

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