Damon Wimbley

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Damon Wimbley is a well-known American rapper and entertainer who was a part of the hip-hop singing group “The Fat Boys” in the past. The band also included Prince Markie Dee, Darren’ Buff Love’ Robinson, and Damon Wimbley.

What is the Net worth of Damon Wimbley in 2022?

Damon Wimbley is a talented and well-known American rapper and actor who was once a member of the hip-hop pop group “The Fat Boys.” He presently lives a regular life, with an average net worth of $400 thousand.


Wikis of Damon Wimbley


Apart from that, Wimbley is a well-educated man who holds a Bachelor’s degree from a public American institution. Unfortunately, further information about his educational background is still missing, thus more information about him must be made public.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Damon Wimbley has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of 68 kg. Wimbley, on the other hand, is a gorgeous man with a kind disposition. However, there is still a shortage of knowledge on his physical attributes, therefore there is still more to discover about other parts of his look. His hair is black, and his eyes are the same hue.

Relationship Status: Affairs

Despite his confidence in his personal affairs, Damon Wimbley’s personal life remains a mystery to his lovers and followers. However, assessing his relationship status is tough owing to his reclusive nature, thus there is still more to discover about his love life.

Presence on social media

Damon Wimbley, who goes under the name “@legendaryfatboykoolrockski,” has over 7.5 thousand Instagram followers and over 950 posts. On his Instagram site, he has also posted a lot of photos and videos, which his admirers and followers have praised and commented on. Wimbley also has a Twitter account, “@Koolrockski1,” where he has over 180 followers and has sent out 13 tweets. He also started his own Facebook profile, “Damon Kool Rock Wimbley.”

Professional Career

Damon Wimbley is one of the three founding members of the hip-hop group The Fat Boys, which formed in the mid-1980s. With Darren Robinson and Mark Anthony Morales, he formed a trio. They were known as The Disco 3 until 1983, when they changed their name to The Fat Boys. Wimbley and his band released Fat Boys, their debut studio album, on May 29, 1984.

It received RIAA Gold certification in the United States. They released their next album, The Fat Boys Are Back, on June 1, 1985, which was also certified gold in the United States. Their subsequent studio album collections included Big and Beautiful (1986), Coming Back Hard Again (1988), Mack Daddy (1991), and others.

The group has only released a few singles up to this moment. Their finest singles were “Reality,” “Jailhouse Rap,” “Don’t Be Stupid,” “Sex Machine,” “Wipeout,” “The Twist,” “Louie, Louie,” and “Crash,” all from the 1987 album “Wipeout.” The song charted at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band disbanded in 1991.

Aside from music, Wimbley has appeared in a few films from the 1980s. He had an appearance in the musical parody “Krush Groove” in 1985. The performances of Knights of the City in 1986 and “Disorderlies” in 1987 preceded the presentation. He proceeded to play “Cool Rock” in the 1988 TV series “T and T,” Big Mike in the 2011 film “My Crackhead Uncle,” and Davis in the 2016 short film “Red Eyes,” among various interpretations.

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