Deborah James Opened Up About Her Devastating Cancer Journey

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Deborah James, a BBC Podcast host, posted a tragic update on her cancer battle on Instagram on Monday, May 9. The 40-year-old co-host of You, Me, and the Big C revealed that she is currently receiving hospice care for advanced colon cancer.

In her heartbreaking post, James stated:

“My active care has ended, and I am now in hospice at-home care, surrounded by my beautiful family, and the emphasis is on making sure I’m not in pain and enjoying time with them.”

James also provided heartbreaking updates on her incapacity to move. The podcaster stated that her life expectancy is unknown, and that “even with all of the world’s most fantastic cancer drugs or some miracle discovery, my body simply can’t go much longer.”

All about Deborah James

Deborah James is best known for her time as a co-host on the BBC radio show You, Me, And The Big C. The award-winning program was given by her, Lauren Mahon, and the late Rachael Bland, who also battled illness and died in September 2018. James, 40, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018. James was diagnosed with a “5.5cm malignant, ulcerated stage 3 tumor” at the time of her diagnosis, according to her interview with Bowel Cancer UK. Since then, the podcaster has kept her 400,000+ Instagram followers updated on her health and established a cancer research fundraising effort.

Deborah James is currently married to former educator Sebastien Bowen. Hugo, a 14-year-old son, and Eloise, a 12-year-old daughter, are alleged to be the couple’s children. James was a Cancer Research UK Race for Life ambassador. She’s also active with the Bowel Cancer UK organization.

Bowelbabe Fund

Deborah James founded the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK, with the help of many of her admirers, she has raised over $1 million. “Clinical trials and research into personalized treatment for cancer patients, as well as supporting efforts to promote colon cancer awareness,” the podcaster said.

Deborah James wrote on her organization’s website, in an emotionally charged passage:

“We’ve tried everything, but my body just isn’t cooperating.” Even with all of the world’s most inventive cancer medications or some miraculous new discovery, I realize that my rollercoaster trip is coming to an end very soon.”

She then went on to say:

“Your help in founding the Bowelbabe Fund, spreading the word, and busting those poo taboos will be remembered forever!”

To raise awareness, the podcaster has also published several pieces on bowel cancer in national newspapers and other outlets. Two years after her diagnosis, she published “F*** You Cancer: How to Face the Big C, Live Your Life, and Still Be Yourself.”


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