QVC Hosts Who Got Fired or Left The Channel

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Are you searching for QVC Hosts Who Got Fired or Left The Channel(fired QVC hosts)? Cheers, then you are at the right place.

American free-to-air television network and flagship shopping channel Quality Value Convenience (QVC) specializes in televised home shopping. The network has employed a number of staff members throughout the years to help it accomplish its goals. Employees do, however, quit or be fired for a variety of reasons, just as in any other workplace. So, let’s know about QVC Hosts Who Got Fired or Left The Channel (fired QVC hosts).

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Fired QVC Hosts List

Here is the list of Famous QVC hosts who got fired of all time who is famous for working in QVC with their extraordinary skills and attractive looks. So, have a seat and enjoy a list of the Fired QVC Hosts:

  • Albyn Irvin
  • Jacque Gonzales
  • Stacey Stauffer
  • Antonella Nester
  • Gabrielle Kerr
  • Judy Crowell
  • Dan Wheeler
  • Dave King
  • Lisa Robertson
  • Bob Bowersox

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Who are the QVC hosts who got fired?

Let’s get started to know the QVC hosts who got fired with their photos and some short introductions about them along with the reason for quitting or fired from the job.

1. Albyn Irvin

Albyn was a QVC regular. She joined the channel in 2009 and hosted a show about high-tech cosmetics and technology items. In addition, she has worked as a brand strategist, sales specialist, and corporate speaker.

In 2016, she quit the QVC channel. She stated that she wished to spend more time with her family and consider her next steps in life. She founded a firm in 2017 that focuses on designing, branding, and selling diverse items.

2. Jacque Gonzales

Jacque Gonzales is a highly well-known host on the QVC shopping network, an American National Television program. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and worked for this television network. Chester, Pennsylvania in the United States is where this specific QVC television is located. She was the promotions manager at the Universal Music Group in New York before she joined QVC.

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Jacque Gonzales is a television, radio, and public speaker from the United States. During her time as a host on the television shopping network QVC, she rose to prominence. She spent over 15 years on the QVC channel.

Her views liked her more since she shared intimate nuggets about what was happening on in her life. As a result, many people were disappointed when she announced her departure. She departed in May 2017 and is thought to have gone to launch a retail channel called Talk Shop Live.

3. Stacey Stauffer

American television personality Stacey Stauffer hosts the QVC retail channel. She also has experience as a broadcast journalist. She was born in Youngstown, Ohio, in the USA, on December 30, 1978. This well-known anchor for Quality Value Convenience (QVC) was reared in Pennsylvania by her mother by herself.

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Stacey became a QVC personality in January 2014. However, she was one among the hosts who lost their positions on July 16, 2020. She was let go due to a reduction at QVC.

4. Antonella Nester

She was regarded as one of the channel’s most popular hosts. Sadly, she has experienced challenging times since losing her work. She is presently battling breast cancer after losing her only daughter to the disease. On her Facebook page, she has shared a contribution link for me. Her spouse, however, is incredibly supportive of her and is assisting her in this trying circumstance.

5. Gabrielle Kerr

Television personality and reporter Gabrielle Kerr, whose real name is Gabrielle Abiera, spent many years working for QVC, the largest TV shopping network in the United States. Gabrielle, who is gifted, lovely, and refined, has won the hearts of many of her followers and consistently tries to engage with them on social media.

Gabrielle spent several years working as a reporter and host for the QVC channel. She has been employed with QVC from 2007 till 2020. Although she was everyone’s favorite, she had less time on the channel than she had anticipated.

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6. Judy Crowell

Former QVC host Judy Crowell is an American who is also a certified personal trainer. Judy is an on-air personality that is based in Tampa, Florida. She has aired podcasts including Judy Crowell Style and Get Fit With Judy.

Crowell was one of the first celebrities to appear on QVC. She departed in 2003, following more than a decade of guiding viewers through the perplexing world of shopping. She resigned with no explanation.

7. Dan Wheeler

Learn about Dan Wheeler’s life from the moment of his birth to the present. He was born on December 10, 1977, at an unidentified unidentified place, according to our records. As of the current year, he is 44 years old; his true name is unknown. Dan Wheeler was born in the Sagittarius constellation, which is an intriguing fact.

This implies that Dan Wheelers occasionally employs celebrities. He keeps giving it his all because he likes what he does. Dan Wheeler is well-known because of this.

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Dan Wheeler is one of the QVC hosts that has departed the company. He began working for QVC in 1988 and stayed for 29 years. He is a well-known television personality who has worked on the channel. He established a professional and amassed considerable riches.

8. Dave King

Dave King was an English comedian, actor, and singer of hit songs. He was born David Kingshott on June 23, 1929, and he passed away on April 15, 2002. He is best known for his appearances as Clifford Duckworth in the soap opera Coronation Street and as the dishonest police officer “Parky” in the British gangster movie The Long Good Friday (1980).

Dave was the most despised QVC personality and had been with the network for almost a decade. Many people across the world tuned in to see his broadcast. He unexpectedly quit in 2008, with no explanation. There have been several theories as to why he departed. Some believe he was fired due to low sales, while others believe he was fired due to QVC’s discriminating policy. He has never acknowledged or denied the allegations.

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9. Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson is an American entrepreneur, fashion designer, and television personality. She is well known as the former QVC shopping channel personality. She spent 20 years with the free-to-air network. PM Style, The Lisa Robertson Show, Ask Lisa About Style, and Friday Night Beauty were all presented by Robertson.

She departed in 2014, claiming she was leaving to explore herself and embark on new experiences. She did, however, compete in a beauty competition before becoming a TV personality.

10. Bob Bowersox

Nine theatrical plays, eight screenplays, a number of short stories, and one novel have all been written by Bob Bowersox. His theater plays have been professionally presented five times. Hollywood has optioned three of his screenplays, with two of them now in the production phase. Apr 6, 2022

On the QVC retail channel, Bowersox hosted In the Kitchen with Bob. He discussed kitchen products, ranging from kitchenware to eating. He was one of the channel’s most well-known hosts.

In 2008, Bob left the station. Although he stated that he was leaving to focus on acting and writing, it was later revealed that his contract had not been extended. Nonetheless, he returned to television as a guest expert on ShopNBC.

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