Florence Clery

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Many of Hollywood’s child actors have set all-time highs. Some people are on their path to achieving success. Florence Clery is one of them. Despite the fact that she has only appeared in one film, she has won the hearts of all spectators. Clery’s date of birth is yet to be revealed. She is still a little girl, perhaps under the age of 10. Her height and weight have never been made public on the internet.

What is the Net Worth of Florence Clery in 2022?

Florence’s first picture made a total of $26 million in theaters. She is estimated to be worth $500,000 in total. Clery’s acting career has yet to pay off in terms of money. She is presently live in Australia with her parents.

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Wikis of Florence Clery

Full Name Florence Clery
Birth Name Florence Clery
Profession Acting
Nationality Australian
Birth Country Australia
Mother Name Kate
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Single
Networth 500000
Religion Christianity


Early Life of Florence Clery

Clery’s parents are imprisoned behind locked walls. Her mother, on the other hand, is said to have gone to London’s Curzon Mayfair for the UK premiere of The Light Between Oceans. Kate is Florence’s mother’s name. On the other hand, Kate’s exact specifics are not fully explained. Clery’s father has yet to make a public statement. His profession has remained a mystery.


Florence is a student in a famous Australian school. She is dedicated to her studies and is enthusiastic about performing. She will most likely return to the film business after attending an acting school or university.

Body Measurements

The young actress is blessed with a pair of gorgeous hazel eyes. Such eyes are highly odd and bizarre in nature. This eye color is caused by a genetic mutation in the gene that regulates human eye color.

Her hair is also completely golden and stunning. Her tresses are shoulder length. Florence has a thin, trim physique and an oval face.

Relationship Status

Because she is still so young, Clery has never been in a relationship. She has never been in a committed relationship. Furthermore, no new information regarding her marriage intentions or engagement has surfaced. Clery will most likely date and marry the best man she can find in her adult life.

Clery’s Presence on Social Media

Florence is not active on any social networking sites. She hasn’t set up an Instagram account yet. She doesn’t have a Facebook account either. Clery also doesn’t have a separate Wikipedia article. Clery has remained out of the spotlight despite being a well-known kid actress. She has kept a safe distance from her fans in order to focus on her work.

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Professional Carrer

  • Derek Cianfrance co-composed and coordinated the film. IMDb gave the film a 7.2 out of 10 rating. One honor and sixteen selections were introduced to The Light Between Oceans.
  • Clery now has her own page on IMDb. She only has one acting credit to her credit. The Light Between Oceans, her first film, was released in 2016. She plays Lucy-Grace in this film.


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