Geraldine Leer

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Geraldine Leer is renowned for her prominent roles in films including One Royal Holiday, Beneath the Waves, and Deadly Choice. She has been employed in the film industry for more than four decades. She started in 1982. Leer has appeared in over 31 television programs and films to date. Leer has not yet disclosed her birth date. However, she appears to be in her mid-sixties.

What is the Net Worth of Geraldine Leer in 2022?

Leer’s estimated net worth of $8 million demonstrates her accomplishment as an actress. Her film career brings her a substantial amount of money. In addition to her other income sources and assets, her social media platforms contribute to her wealth.


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Wikis of Geraldine Leer

Full Name Geraldine Leer
Birth Name Geraldine Leer
Profession Acting
Nationality American
Birth City New York
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Don Johnson
No Of Children 2
Height 165.1 cm
Weight 70.31 kg
Networth 8000000
Education Hockaday School and Southern Methodist University
Religion Christianity

Early Life of Geraldine Leer

Leer was born in Dallas, Texas. Her parents escorted her there. She attended classes there, completed high school, and even obtained a diploma. Leer, on the other hand, was born and currently resides in New York City.

Family Background

Despite the fact that Leer has not yet disclosed the identities of her parents, she has posted a photo of her father. She asserted that her sister had bought the photograph for her. Apparently, she has a sibling. Her father worked briefly in the film industry before leaving. In the shot, the father of Leer may be seen behind the NBC microphone.


Leer obtained a bachelor’s degree from Hockaday School, a private Dallas high school. She then attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. On the other side, Leer has not disclosed her major. In contrast, Leer is a well-educated actress.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

The leading lady in the film Deadly Choice has a height of 5 feet, 5 inches, or 165.1 centimeters. She weights 70.31 kg as well (155 lbs).

Additionally, Leer has beautiful blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair.

Relationship Status: Married

Certainly, Leer is a married actress. However, she was divorced many years ago. Her husband, Don Johnson, is an American actor as well. Later in life, Johnson wed Kelley Phleger and had a son named Jasper Breckinridge Johnson. Don also married Melanie Griffith.

On August 27, 2021, Leer uploaded a photo of her family with the words “#FBF to a #nashbridges original guest star. I was assisted by @donjohnson in identifying a stolen missile from The Presidio. We located it, but I had to leave him in order to further my career. Can’t wait to witness the #reboot with @jackbyebull and @maddybiebel in tow!”

What Are the Names of Leer’s Children?

Leer’s children are a boy and a daughter. Her son’s name is Jack Bièbe, and he is the oldest child. His younger sister, Maddy Biebel, trailed him.

Maddy is a professional engineer, while her brother Jack is a Co-Founder at @ggiata. Both children have a close relationship with their mother.

Successes and Honors

In 2016, Leer won the Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston. This award was bestowed upon her for #MommasGotBars (2015). In addition, Leer and producer Theodore Copeland split the award.

Professional Career

Although Leer has not said what inspired her to pursue acting, it is possible that her father’s brief but successful acting career affected her. Her earliest film roles were in The Country Girl and The Wedding Guest. Leer will produce two new television shows in 2022: “Inventing Anna” and “Mandated.” She starred in the 2021 television series FBI: Most Wanted.

The American actress Leer prefers to spend her free time alone. Her favorite activities include of singing, snowshoeing, swimming, and traveling. On her Instagram account, she periodically publishes images of her film crew, her children, and her friends.

Leer is a multitalented, highly promising actress. She enjoys playing tennis during her spare time. She also speaks German and Spanish fluently. She can also sing gospel and equestrian music, among others.


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