Heather Storm

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Heather Storm is a television personality best known for hosting Garage Squad, a smash series on Velocity about automotive customizing. Storm has also worked for My Combat Channel as a sports reporter. Her other media credits include hosting and co-hosting the shows ‘Drive Yourself Local’ and ‘Man Seeks Adventure.’

What is the Net Worth of Heather Storm in 2022?

Heather’s net worth is believed to be above $1.7 million. Her employment in the entertainment industry provided her with the most of her money. Her assets, such as homes and automobiles, have not been reported. Nonetheless, She frequently travels in her silver-blue 1965 Mustang Coupe.

Wiksi of Heather Storm

Early Life of Heather Storm

Heather Storm was born in the major metropolis of Philadelphia on May 24, 1992. She did, however, relocate to a small Montana town when she was 12. Storm was blown away by this manoeuvre, which she made at such an early age. As a young girl, her father instilled in her the value of independence. Heather learnt to shoot weapons, use tools, and renovate the house from her father when she was a child.

Body Measurements: Height

Heather is a Caucasian lady with dark eyes and blonde hair. Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches. Her hazel-colored eyes complement her tanned skin. She has a perfect female form as a fitness model. She is also frequently photographed with a happy expression and rabbit-like teeth.

Education of Heather Storm

She has a strong appreciation for nature as a result of her formative experiences with it. Heather earned an environmental science degree from Oregon State University because of her passion for the outdoors. She worked in tourism in Puerto Rico after finishing her degree. She spent her time there exploring local beaches and promoting sustainable tourism. She traveled to Los Angeles in search of a better life and became involved in the entertainment industry.


Relationship Status: Single

Heather has kept her marriage status and dating status private from the public eye. We may presume Heather is single and unmarried based on the lack of a companion on her social media profiles. She also does not have any children.

Presence on social media

Heather is quite active on all of the major social media platforms. On Facebook, she has over 200 thousand fans, followed by over 90 thousand on Instagram, and over 15 thousand on Twitter.

Professional Career

She worked much harder after moving to Los Angeles. She worked in the entertainment industry in a variety of capacities. She is also a fitness trainer, brand ambassador, model, and portfolio manager, in addition to being a host. She’s been in over 40 national advertisements and hosted dozens of direct response commercials up until now.

She rose to fame after appearing on Discovery’s MotorTrend Network’s Garage Squad in 2015. She appeared in 45 episodes over the course of three years on the show. She went on to develop and produce her own show, Drive Yourself Local, after Garage Squad.

She has also starred in other movies and TV programs in addition to becoming a host on various TV shows.

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