Top 10 Hottest Instagram Models In India 2022

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Are you looking for the sexiest and Hottest Instagram Models In India? Cheers, you are at the right place.

Without a question, one of the most well-liked and well-known picture and video-sharing social media applications right now is Instagram. It has not only made it easier for individuals to share their photos, but it has also become a popular platform for many creative artists from other sectors to display their skills. Because of this, the number of Instagram users are increasing daily and users like this platform.

Particularly those who work in the modeling industry have a great chance to become well-known and popular on Instagram. The same is true in India; on Instagram, you can find a ton of the sexiest and hottest Indian models. The top 10 Instagram models in India were therefore the subject of extensive investigation.

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But we have managed to compile a comprehensive list of these attractive young Indian Instagram models who are well-liked and have sizable follower bases. The top 10 Instagram models in India were therefore the subject of extensive investigation. But we have managed to compile a comprehensive list of these attractive young Indian Instagram models who are well-liked and have sizable follower bases.

Today we were going to wrap up the Top 10 Hottest Instagram Models In India. So we biographyzing kindly request you to stick us till the end to find your Instagram Models name in the Hottest Models on Instagram in India List.

Hottest Instagram Models In India

Here is the list of Top 10 Hottest Instagram Models In India who is famous and wealthy for working as a model and sharing photos/videos on Instagram. So, have a seat and enjoy the following list of the sexiest & hottest Instagram Models In India:

  • Neha Malik
  • Anveshi Jain
  • Ketika Sharma
  • Shivani Narayanan
  • Sofia Ansari
  • Garima Chaurasia
  • Richi Shah
  • Ruma Sharma
  • Aabha Paul
  • Ekta Maru

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Top 10 Hottest Models on Instagram in India 2022

Instagram Model Instagram IDFollowers Count
Neha Malik@nehamalik3353.3 m+
Anveshi Jain@anveshi255.9 m +
Ketika Sharma@ketikasharma2.2 m +
Shivani Narayanan@shivani_narayanan3.5 m +
Sofia Ansari@sofia9__official9.1 m +
Garima Chaurasia@gima_ashi14.6 m +
Richi Shah@richi.shah1.1 m +
Ruma Sharma@ruma_sharmaa1.2 m +
Aabha Paul@aabhapaulofficial1.4 m +
Ekta Maru@ektamaru03567k +

Top 10 Hottest Instagram Models In India 2022

Let’s get started to know the Hottest Models on Instagram in India with their photos and some short introductions to them.

1. Neha Malik

Hottest Instagram Models In India

Neha Malik is the sexiest and most gorgeous Instagram model in India 2022, with over 3.3 million followers.

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Actress Neha Malik, 32, is from Harda, Madhya Pradesh. She began her modeling career in 2012 and is a female. She rose to fame because of the Punjabi music video Saakhiyaan she made with well-known singer Maninder Buttar.

Neha has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, where she frequently posts photographs that have a model-like appearance. After attending the 2015 Bridal Fashion Week in Goa for Indian clothing, she received job offers from the south industry.

2. Anveshi Jain

Anveshi Jain is ranked second on this list of the hottest Indian models on Instagram, with over 5.9 million followers. Indian actress and model Anveshi Jain. She was born on June 25, 1991, in India’s Madhya Pradesh province’s Khajuraho, Bundelkhand.

She is a well-known host. She has emceed over a thousand cultural events, weddings, charity events, and other occasions thus far. Anveshi Jain rose to fame thanks to her participation in the online series Gandi Baat 2. Anveshi further modeled for other companies.

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3. Ketika Sharma

Ketika Sharma is now ranked third on the list of the sexiest Indian models on Instagram in 2022. She is a rapper, model, media influencer, YouTube celebrity, and Indian movie actress. She has gone famous on the Internet as a result of her exquisite Dubmash Audiovisual clips.

She follows several social media sites and has 2.2 million Instagram followers in addition to being a passionate admirer. Ketika is incredibly well-liked thanks to his social media presence and her skills in a variety of areas.

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4. Shivani Narayanan

Shivani Narayanan is one of the most popular Indian models on Instagram, known for her stunning modeling images. In 2019, Shivani made her acting debut in the Star Vijay television series “Pagal Nilavu,” costarring Mohammed Azeem. She took up the prizes for Favorite Find, Best & Favorite Budding Pair (With Mohammed Azeem), and Best Debut Female at the Vijay Television Awards. She recently competed in Bigg Boss Tamil 4 as a participant until being eliminated on Day 98.

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5. Sofia Ansari

Hottest Models on Instagram in India

She is a TikTok Star and one of the sexiest Indian Instagram models. Sofia Ansari, a well-known social media personality, was born in Gujarat, India, on April 30, 1996. Age 26: Sofia Ansari.

One of the most well-known Indian social media stars is Sofia Ansari. Sofia Ansari is highly recognized for her dance routines, quick videos, and clips on TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, she has a sizable following base on MX Takatak, Snapchat, and Facebook. She is a well-known producer of Tik Tok videos in India. On Instagram, she has more than 9.1 million fans. In particular, Sofia Ansari enjoys dancing, acting, traveling, and modeling.

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6. Garima Chaurasia

Hottest Models on Instagram in India

She really deserves to be ranked as one of the hottest Instagram Indian models in 2022. She has more than 14 million followers on Instagram. Garima Chaurasia, an Indian actor, model, and Tik Tok celebrity, began her career on the app and has since amassed millions of fans on other social media platforms. After posting a video of Rugees Vini and Emiway Bantai performing the song Bohot Hard, she became instantly famous. Garima frequently collaborates with her best buddy Rugees Vini on videos for Tik Tok.

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7. Richi Shah

Richi Shah is one of the trendiest and most popular Indian fitness models on Instagram right now. An Indian model, social media influencer, and blogger who specializes in fashion, travel, beauty, and fitness is named Richi Shah. Richi is well-known for her social media presence and fitness. Anjali has always been proud of her athletic physique. She began working out professionally at an early age. She gained a sizable Instagram fan base.

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8. Ruma Sharma

She is one of the most energetic and hottest Indian models on Instagram, and she has been in various TV shows such as Woh wali Picture, 100 percent Pleasure, and Guardian. Indian television actress and model Ruma Sharma. She was reared by her mother after being born on October 6, 1995. She presently resides in Mumbai, however, she is from Delhi. She had a memorable start in the world of beauty as “Riddhima” in the well-known youth television program “Kaisi Hai Yaarian.” Her weight is about 54 kg, and she is 5.5 feet tall.

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9. Aabha Paul

Hottest Instagram Models In India

Aabha Paul is another sexiest Instagram model who is known in India due to her steamy photographs and videos. Model and actress Aabha Paul is well-known for her daring appearance. She is an Indian YouTuber as well. She mostly uses her own Instagram account to post pictures of herself modeling and wearing stylish attire. Aabha Paul has really lovely skin in addition to having a very attractive appearance. She has a sizable social media following. More than 1.4 million Instagram users follow Aabha Paul.

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10. Ekta Maru

Indian model, fashion vlogger, and animator Ekta Maru all work in the industry. She is an intelligent and attractive Indian woman. She adores living life on her own. Ekta is one of India’s most attractive models. She has a sizable fan base on social media. Young and talented model Ekta Maru. She competed in the Femina Style Diva (2016) after receiving her diploma. She finished as the show’s first runner-up.

FAQ About Hottest Instagram Models In India:

1. Who is the Famous Instagram Models In India?

Undoubtedly, Garima Chaurasia is the most famous Instagram Models In India with over 14 million followers on Instagram.

2. Who is the Hottest Models on Instagram in India?

Neha Malik, who has more than 3.3 million followers, is the hottest, most attractive, and hottest Instagram model in India in 2022.

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