Is Mia Healey Dating Erana James, Her ‘The Wilds’ Co-Star?

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The Wilds premiered on Amazon Prime Video in December 2020, and on May 13, 2022, it was renewed for a second season. The first 10 episodes follow a group of high school students from varied backgrounds who are forced to go into survival mode after a plane crash leaves them stranded on a distant island.

They argue because of the trauma of being lost in the middle of nowhere. They built a bond as they learned more about each other, and some, like Erana James’ Toni and Mia Healey’s Shelby, even fell in love.
Their sweet romance plotline drew fans in instantly, with some even speculating whether they were dating in real life.

Mia Healey and Erana James Dating

In a fan edit compilation film published to YouTube by Alexa edits, the couple was captured talking to each other on Instagram Live a few times.

During an Instagram Live, a fan asked if they were dating in real life. “Perhaps a little,” Healey said after a brief pause, to which James answered, “I love you, I do,” to which Healey replied, “You better!” “In real life, I adore you,” James exclaimed, laughing.

The two discussed how they met and how their characters on the show date in another IG live. In 2018, the co-stars got together to celebrate Healey’s birthday. James mistook her vape for a pen and asked if she could borrow the pen while she was vaping.

Healey insisted it was a vape, and it could have been her tone of voice, but James formed a poor first impression of her. They did, however, become excellent friends later on. They also claimed that they were unaware that their characters would fall in love.

“No, we were completely unaware. When we found out, however, we were overjoyed. “It was amazing,” Healey said, “since we wanted to collaborate as much as possible.”

Mia Healey and Erana James’ Friendship

Because they revealed in another interview that Healey was messaging a boy, it appears that the actors are just friends and not dating off-screen.

While scrolling through their phones, the cast of The Wilds played a game with Prime Video in which they had to post and explain what photo, text, or DM they came across.

When it was James’ turn, she told a funny tale about Healey texting a guy to tell him her phone was broken and she couldn’t respond to his texts.

Even though their fans may be disappointed that they are not dating, the actors are good friends.
“Because Erana and I are really good friends off-camera, it was extremely easy for me to build a relationship with Toni, which is wonderful because we already have that natural chemistry.” “We got our own house and lived together for the first season of filming,” Healey told CinemaBlend. She claimed that they would return home after filming to discuss their parts and scenarios.

They’d discuss their feelings for each other’s personas and double-check that they were physically linked. Their on-screen chemistry is aided by their relationship.

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