Jason Newsted

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Jason Newsted is a renowned metal musician who has accumulated a substantial wealth throughout his career. Metallica was one of the most popular bands ever. Jason was the popular band’s bassist. He was the sole member of his own band, Newsted, in which he sang lead and played bass.

What is the Net Worth of Jason Newsted in 2022?

Jason’s success as a musician is unquestionable. As of June 2022, he will be worth $50 million. His musical career has earned him a staggering $50 million dollars. He uses his record label, Chophouse Record Studio and Label, to raise funds for humanitarian organizations.

As one of the most successful musicians in the industry, he has acquired immense fame and wealth. He is an extremely wealthy musician. He has enjoyed a prosperous career as a metal musician!

Newsted decided to become a musician in order to continue the musical legacy of his family. He has demonstrated to the world that he has a passion for music. His wealth and popularity attest to his accomplishments. Millions of people throughout the world adore him. Due to the health of his mother and the passing of his manager, he was compelled to disband his own band. Consequently, he has had a successful career as a rock musician!


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Wikis of Jason Newsted

Celebrated Name: Jason Newsted
Real Name/Full Name: Jason Curtis Newsted
Gender: Male
Age: 59 years old
Birth Date: 4 March 1963
Birth Place: Battle Creek, Michigan, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 78 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Nicole Leigh Smith (m. 2012), Judy Newsted (m. 1988–1988)
Children: N/A
Profession: American metal musician
Net Worth in 2022: $50 million

Early Life of Jason Newsted: Born, Age, Parents

What is Jason Newsted Age?

The date of birth for Jason Newsted is March 4, 1963. Jason Curtis Newsted comes from a dynasty of talented performers. He was a natural musician. His mother was a pianist, and he was raised in a musical environment. As a child, he was exposed to a number of instruments, including the piano, being played by his family.

His initial choice instrument was the guitar. Jason began playing the guitar when he was nine years old. At the age of fourteen, he started playing the bass. Inspirational figures for him were Geezer Butler and Gene Simmons. He recalls other sources of inspiration as well. He is currently a California resident.

Body Measurements: Height,Weight

What is Jason Newsted Height?

Jason Newsted was born on March 4, 1963, therefore as on June 21, 2022, he will be 59 years old. He is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 78 kilograms.

Relationship Status: Wife

Who is Jason Newsted Wife?

Nicole Leigh Smith (2001-Present) — In October 2012, after 11 years of dating an artist named Nicole Leigh Smith, he wed her. She encouraged him to begin one of his favorite pastimes, painting, and he referred to her as “the love of his life.”

Professional Life and Career

  • Jason began playing the bass guitar at age 14. He has been unstoppable ever since. He has collaborated with some of rock music’s most prominent artists. When he initially entered the music industry, he composed the album Doomsday for the Deceiver.
  • In 1986, Metallica’s bassist passed away, and Jason filled the vacuum. The band members chose Jason because, of the fifty artists that auditioned, he was the only authentic rock star. His mother was pleased and embraced him when he was selected as the bassist. That was her instruction to him.
  • “my companion of pain” and “blackened” by Metallica, among others, were co-written by him. He desired to dedicate more effort to his side project, Echobrain. He was required to leave Metallica because the members disapproved.
  • In 2002, he became a member of the Vovoid band. Additionally, he was a member of Ozzy Osbourne’s band. “Newsted,” one of his bands, was active for two years. When did you last hear that he sustained a shoulder injury in an accident in 2006? During his departure from the theater, he pursued artistic endeavors.
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Jason Newsted Awards and Honors

In addition to his musical abilities, Jason is well-known for his artistic abilities. Little Kids Rock is a subject important to his heart, and he supports the group by gifting musical instruments to its enthusiastic young fans. His musical career has garnered him enormous fame and wealth. Jason’s biggest accomplishment is that he was able to follow his heart’s desire and do what he liked.


  • He was raised on a farm. His parents raised him to be “a robust, authentic American farm boy,” and he cared for hundreds of bunnies and hens.
  • One of his two older brothers is a trumpet player.
  • He began playing the guitar at age 9 but switched to the bass guitar at age 14.
  • In October 1986, when he auditioned to be the bassist for Metallica, there were perhaps fifty other competent candidates for the position.
  • He would like to be credited with “stabilizing” Metallica following the bassist’s death in 1986, when he took over. James Hetfield and Kirk Hemmett noted that he was an easy target for the band’s irritation, rage, and grief, but he endured the “beating” with his humorous demeanor and positive outlook.
  • James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett stated that when Jason joined the band, he was a “big admirer.” Instead of following their lead, he needed to be a “hardcore” member and play something distinct.
  • In one of the interviews, both James Hetfield and Kirk believed that he gave his all during live performances because he did not have sufficient room to flourish as a bassist on studio records.
  • Jason tore the anterior labrum in his left shoulder as well as the biceps and shoulder rotator cuff in his right arm on October 23, 2006. Ineffectively attempting to catch a falling bass amp head, he was hospitalized, operated on, and had extensive rehabilitation. Since he couldn’t play, his girlfriend suggested he begin painting. On January 4, 2007, he picked up his bass guitar for the first time.
  • On May 4, 2010, which was “Star Wars Day,” Jason exhibited his first collection of artworks at a gallery. It was held in San Francisco, California, United States, at the Micala Gallery.
  • On April 4, 2009, he was inducted together with his Metallica bandmates into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At the event, he played bass guitar alongside Robert Trujillo, who replaced him as the band’s bassist in 2003.
  • Jason claimed that leaving Metallica was not easy, but he has never looked back with regret. Due to his excessive headbanging, he also sustained excruciating injuries to his neck and back. In 1990, his physician advised him to cease doing so. However, Jason proceeded because he feared disappointing the concert’s attendees.
  • In 2017, he sold his ranch in Sula, Ravalli, Montana, United States for $4.95 million.
  • In late August of 2019, Jason stated that he was selling his 6729-square-foot, 5-bedroom, 5-bedroom Walnut Creek, California home built on a 1.37-acre property. He put the asking price as $2,890,000
  • Check out his official homepage at newstedheavymetal.com.

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