How old is Jeanne Dordain? Net Worth, Wikis, Height, Boyfriend, Career & More

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American hair stylist and Instagram sensation Jeanne Dordain is well-known on TikTok and both platforms. Because she consistently produced content for her social media followers, Dordain became well-known.

Who is Jeanne Dordain?

American hair stylist and well-known TikTok star Jeanne Dordain is well-known worldwide. She creates content related to hairstyles. These influencers are very successful on social media. She is considered to be a well-known influencer. She is renowned for her stunning appearance, adorable smile, modeling poses, sense of style, and incredible personality. She has a sizable audience, and by consistently sharing fresh stuff for them to enjoy on social media, you can see how she gives them credit for her progress there. She swiftly forged strong bonds with the audience despite the fact that doing so takes time. Her videos are well-liked, well-commented, and widely shared because people enjoy viewing them. On TikTok, she is one of the most popular girls. She is most known for her fashion and hairstyle video performances on TikTok ( Her social media following is expanding incredibly quickly. She is also well-known for the captivating Instagram photos and videos she posts. She has a sizable fan base.

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Wikis of Jeanne Dordain

Jeanne Dordain
Jeanne Dordain
Full Name:Jeanne Dordain
Profession:TikTok Star, Instagram Star, and Hairstylist
Country:United States
Height:5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Marital Status:in-relation
DatingKevin Frn
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde

How Much is the Net Worth of Jeanne Dordain in 2023?

According to her estimated salary, the American Instagram celebrity must be doing well financially and in terms of fame. Jeanne Dordain’s estimated net worth, however, is unknown, but it is clear that she must make a respectable living.

TikTok and Instagram fame are the American social media personality’s main sources of revenue. The American TikTok star is currently living in France and live a contented life with her family.

How old is Jeanne Dordain?

Jeanne is currently 23 years old and a Leo by birth. Despite the fact that there is no evidence regarding her birthdate, it is certain that she was born in the United States.

The young woman who is a TikTok celebrity is an American citizen. Since Dordian has been protecting her privacy, neither the names of her parents nor the existence of any siblings are known.

However, the young girl appears to come from a stable family with a close-knit community. Regarding her educational background, the TikTok star is undoubtedly intelligent and creative.

The female Instagram celebrity must have finished her elementary education at a local high school in the US. She attended a local college in the United States and graduated there as far as her subsequent education is concerned.

How tall is Jeanne Dordain?

The American woman’s TikTok persona exudes elegance, youth, and beauty. Jeanne has a thin build and a petite frame. She has an outstanding level of youth appeal thanks to her talent and stunning features.

In reality, the Instagram sensation has doll-like features including long blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Similar to this, the well-known content creator is a good height, standing at around 5’5″. She weighs about 52 kg, and she is also very skinny. Additionally, TikToker has a peculiarly endearing personality with a very glamorous charm.

Height:5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)

Who is Jeanne Dordain Boyfriend?

It appears that Jeanne Dordain is dating a charming young man. Her lover, as seen on her Instagram, is named Kevin Frn. He has been extremely active on Instagram with the handle Kevzerr_, but he is not a famous Instagram user.

However, there is no additional information available regarding how or when their relationship began or how long it has lasted. However, the public adores the couple and thinks their photos are adorable. Aside from this, the female TikTok hasn’t participated in any pointless rumors because she is so committed to her career.

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Professional Life and Career

Jeanne Dordain
TikTok Star, Instagram Star, and Hairstylist Jeanne Dordain { Source.}

One of the top TikTok performers and hairstylists, Jeanne is renowned for her incredible hairdos. She has been creating and distributing online Hairdo content as a professional hairstylist.

Through online theater, many individuals with comparable personalities are becoming showbiz royalty. Dordain is precisely one of those well-known figures to be reckoned with. She also became well-known for her stunning charisma, elegant poise, endearing smile, and stunning looks.

There is no doubt that the American Instagram sensation has a huge following. She actually frequently lauds them for their support as she consistently uploads new stuff for their approval.

Building deliberate connections with viewers requires a long-term commitment for this, but her helpfulness made it happen quickly. Her videos are popular among viewers, who enjoy spending time on them by enjoying, commenting, and sharing them. Jeanne is undoubtedly one of those young women on TikTok who is still developing.

She has substantially increased her fame thanks to the helpful Design and Haircuts videos she produced. These videos may all be found on Instagram, TikTok (, and other websites that offer online entertainment.

Her virtual theater life is developing at an astounding rate. She is also well renowned for her lovely Instagram photos and videos. Not only is TikToker popular and active on social media, but also on YouTube. She is a YouTuber who, according to her own channel, has fewer than a thousand subscribers.

even more

She publishes brief films about haircuts and styling on her YouTube channel. She clearly enjoys creating all of those lovely TikTok movies and sharing them on other websites.

In addition to this, the American YouTuber collaborated with numerous brands and well-known individuals. She mostly uses Instagram to give a fleeting glimpse into her lifestyle and interests. She has a devoted following thanks to her enticing features, endearing grin, and beautiful expressions.

In addition to Jeanne and her followers, other internet pages and influencers also like and share her captivating reels. In the bios of her online accounts, she describes her hair-related content as romantic hairstyles.

The young American woman possesses a variety of gifts and many untapped talents. She has a lovely nature and is also a well-mannered, disciplined person.


In addition to her professional career, Jeanne enjoys traveling, enjoying wonderful music, learning new things, tasting delectable foods, shopping, and many other activities. When it comes to sports, swimming appears to be her primary passion.

A lot of the girl’s quality time is also spent with her family, friends, and partner. She frequently leaves her residence and enjoys being in the open air. The American Instagram sensation also enjoys getting ready, doing her hair, and living a lovely life.

Social Media:

On social media, Dordian is well known for being very active and showcasing her skills. Her hairstyling videos have been shared by numerous businesses and influencers in addition to her internet accounts.

The American TikTok celebrity has both an Instagram and a TikTok account. She already has over 1.7 million followers and 21.1 million likes on TikTok.

She also has 283 thousand followers on Instagram, where her amazing hairstyling reels are followed by an astounding number of people. Additionally, Jeanne has been active on YouTube and Pinterest.

YoutubeJeanne Dordain Youtube
InstagramJeanne Dordain Instagram

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