Jeremy Dewitte

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Jeremy Dewitte is an American citizen who was charged with a crime at the start of 2021. While dressed in a police outfit, he was observed riding a motorcycle. Dewitte then started talking to a number of walkers and cyclists.

Dewitte posted a video from his helmet in which Jeremy was reprimanded by a number of individuals. Jeremy was discovered to be a police impostor by a police officer. He was also detained in the same place.

What is the Net Worth of Jeremy Dewitte?

The net worth of Jeremy Dewitte is currently unknown. He has a net worth of $200,000, according to his estimations. According to Hired, funeral escorts earn an average of $54,000 a year. Perhaps Jeremy’s pay is comparable.

Despite his infamous crimes, Dewitte’s personal life remains a well guarded secret, with no information about his wife or family. He’d have a decent Net Worth if he’d been a cop, but he’s just a pathetic imposter.

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Tommy Zizzo is the sole child of Erika Jayne and her second husband, Thomas Girardi, and is an LAPD officer. Tommy Zizzo’s profession as a police officer must be properly compensated. His net worth is anticipated to be $300,000 in the early years of 2021.

Wikis of Jeremy Dewitte

Full Name Jeremy Dewitte
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Birth City Florida
Birth Country United States Of America
Gender Identity Male
Networth 200000

Early Life of Jeremy Dewitte: Age, Birth, Siblings,, Education

Jeremy Dewitte is a Florida native who is 41 years old. Jeremy’s actual birth year is unknown. At the very least, he’s in his forties.

Dewitte’s father and mother’s names are unknown. He has siblings as well. Jeremy studied at and received a bachelor’s degree with honors.

Jeremy Dewitte’s Wife: Who Is She?

Jeremy Dewitte’s wife is Rania Abdelrahman. Rania and Jeremy Dewitte have been married for over 16 years. Rania is an adult Egyptian immigrant who has made her home in America. In 2005, Jerremy married her.

For the time being, the details of their wedding are being kept private. He has a five-year-old daughter, and his wife is five years younger than he is. Jeremy appears to have a soft spot in his heart for Rania. Regardless of their ages, they are always engaged in what they are doing. Rania is a private person who rarely speaks about her personal life in public.

Jeremy Dewitte Metro State

Dewitte smashed both hands on the officer’s front fender, then put his right hand in a horrific way on his pistol holster, according to the Deputy, his wife, and a witness. According to the affidavit, the couple was traveling with their 4-year-old child in the back seat. According to the Deputy, he introduced himself as law enforcement and informed Dewitte of the illegal acts.

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Several Metro State cars followed him to Blue Jacket Park as he drove away and dialed 911. Although Dewitte was not apprehended straight away, a guy identified as his employee, Randall Brocius, 35, was arrested for carrying a legitimate 9mm weapon on his gun belt. According to detectives, Dewitte admitted to hitting the vehicle in a Sept. 26 interview at Sheriff’s Office headquarters.

Dewitte arrived at the crossing and immediately began directing traffic, telling the lady to move out of the way so that other vehicles could pass. She initially mistook Dewitte for a cop, but when she noticed Metro State on the motorcade trucks, she got suspicious. To report the weird behavior, she contacted 911.

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