Sandeep Nangal Ambia

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Sandeep Nangal Ambia, from Vill Nangal Ambian, Shahkot, Jalandhar, Punjab, India, was a well-known Kabaddi player, media personality, Internet influencer, and social media celebrity. His extraordinary gaming abilities were well-known across the country.

For his victories in various tournaments, he has garnered numerous accolades and trophies. In addition to the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, he ran in other nations. He shot to popularity after his sudden demise in March 2022. According to accounts, he was shot numerous times in the head and face by assailants in Jalandhar. In order to partake in a Kabaddi event, he traveled to Jalandhar.

On March 14, 2022, he was fatally shot in front of tens of thousands of people (Monday). He died while being transported to the hospital. The event is being investigated by the police.

What is the Net Worth of Sandeep Nangal Ambia in 2022?

Sandeep Nangal and his family led a lavish existence. He and his wife and children were living in a luxurious property in England. On his social media pages, he has also shared photos of his car collection. In Punjab, he also owns a huge number of tractors and other agricultural equipment. Kabaddi competitions brought him a lot of money. His net worth is reported to be in the range of INR 3-4 crores (approx.).

Wikis of Sandeep Nangal Ambia

Full Real Name Sandeep Singh Sandhu.
Famous Name Sandeep Nangal Ambia
Net worth INR 3-4 Crores (approx.).
Birthday B/W 1989-1993.
Death Date 14 March 2022.
Age (at the time of death) B/W 29-33 years old.
Profession Kabaddi player, media face, and social media star.
Birth Place Vill Nangal Ambian, Shahkot, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
Death Cause Murder.
Death Place Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
Religion Sikhism.
Caste Jat.
Alma Mater Local School in Jalandhar.
Qualification Senior Secondary.
Nationality Indian.

Early Life of Sandeep Nangal Ambia: Age , Born and Education

On none of his social media accounts, Sandeep Nangal Ambia has revealed his birthdate. According to the best guess, he was born between 1989 and 1993 in Vill Nangal Ambian, Shahkot, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He is between the ages of 29 and 33. (at the time of death). According to his Instagram account, his real name is Sandeep Singh Sandhu.

His family was claimed to have lived in Birmingham, England. He attended a local school for his primary education. Following that, he began his senior secondary schooling at a famous institution in his hometown. He was an outstanding student who excelled in every subject.

Body Measurements : Height and Weight

Nangal, Sandeep Ambia stood 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 96 kilograms. His shoe size was 7. (US). His height and weight were unknown. He had black hair and dark eyes.

Relationship Status : Married

Sandeep Singh Sandhu was a talented and accomplished Kabaddi player. According to the viral allegations, he was married. He and his family resided in England for many years. He never uttered his wife’s name, to be sure. Furthermore, he never posted any images of himself and his wife on social media.

He was the proud father of twin sons when it came to his children. Jagsanjh Nangal Ambian and Jasman Nangal Ambian are his sons’ names. His songs are between the ages of 4-5. Images of Sandeep’s children dominate his Instagram feed.

 Family of Sandeep Nangal Ambia

Sandeep Sandhu constantly craves his parents’ blessings. On his social media pages, he used to share a lot of images of his family. The names of his father and mother, on the other hand, are unknown. His father, according to stories, was a peasant who worked in the fields. On the other hand, his mother is in charge of the household. His Instagram account revealed that he had three brothers.

Angrej Sandhu is his older brother, and he is a respected officer in the Indian army. Gagan Sandhu and Gurjeet Singh Sandhu are his other two siblings. On the other hand, Sandeep had nieces and nephews. Aside from that, he was an Indian national who followed the Sikhism faith. He was also a member of the Punjabi Jat caste.


  • Sandeep Ambia, a Nangal, exercises regularly and plays Kabaddi.
  • He enjoyed visiting holy locations such as Gurudwaras.
  • Sandhu wants tattoos all over his arms and legs.
  • He has gotten various trophies and medals for his achievements.
  • He utilized his Instagram account to inspire young people by posting inspiring remarks.
  • The well-known Kabaddi player used to upload movies on TikTok, where he had a large following.
  • He and his family used to go to various locations.
  • Sandeep Singh Sandhu and his children went food shopping.
  • He is a big foodie and prefers to consume nutritious stuff.

Professional Career

According to reports, Kabaddi athlete Sandeep Ambia decided to become a Kabaddi player since he was very young, and he works very hard to win matches. To develop his muscles and increase his flexibility, he used to work for more than 5-6 hours per day. He was said to have played the role of Stopper. He ran in India, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among other places.

In 2006, he joined the Vaccuar Kabaddi Club and began playing Kabaddi. He also earned alto 800 during his match at the Anandpur Sahib Kabaddi Cup. All of his accolades, trophies, and medals are displayed on a special wall in his home.

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