Sarah Bolger Was Rumored to Be Pregnant With Her Former Partner

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Sarah Bolger’s dating life has always remained a mystery. She has had relationships with a few men in the entertainment industry. As a result, some have been identified as her lover, while others have been dismissed as mere rumor.

In 2009, shortly after turning 18, Bolger stated that she did not want to discuss her relationship or dating life. She told the Independent about it. Such discussions made her uncomfortable. Bolger’s personal life has always made headlines, to the point where she was thought to be pregnant with Freddie Highmore’s child.

Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolger’s ex-boyfriend

Bolger dated actor Highmore for nearly two years between 2006 and 2008. Highmore allegedly became her boyfriend while they were working on The Spiderwick Chronicles. Sparks flew between the two while filming the film, and they reportedly began dating soon after. Unfortunately, their admirers and followers exaggerated their friendship. Many people assumed Bolger was pregnant by her lover, and rumors quickly spread. The actress denied them in an interview with the Independent. In other words, she admitted to having a boyfriend but did not name him during the interview. A photo of them kissing circulated on Freddie Highmore Club, Highmore’s fan club.

Many admirers reacted to the image in a variety of ways. Some were happy for the couple, while others were unhappy with their relationship. Bolger and Highmore divorced in 2008, citing the fact that they were “too young” to pursue their relationship. Highmore has moved on and married now. He has, however, not revealed the identity of his wife. Bolger, on the other hand, is said to have had a relationship with Julian Morris.

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Julian Morris’s Relationship with Sarah Bolger

Bolger’s most recent known personal relationship was allegedly with Morris in 2012. They most likely met while working on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Bolger played Princess Aurora, while Morris played Prince Phillip. In the show, the two played a couple, and in an unusual twist, their on-screen emotional bond spilled over into real life.

Morris was soon revealed to be Bolger’s boyfriend, and the two were dating. However, the couple kept their relationship private and rarely spoke about it publicly after that. Unfortunately, the couple appears to have broken up. They haven’t stated whether or not they are in a relationship. In recent years, the two have been noticeably absent from each other’s social media profiles, raising questions about their relationship status.

Bolger appears to be alone and unaccompanied at the time. Her social media accounts do not indicate she is in a relationship, and she has not publicly discussed her personal life. On the other hand, she may not want to draw attention to her partner and is adept at keeping her relationships quiet and out of the spotlight.

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