Soulja Boy Was Rumored To Be The Father Of Nia Riley’s Daughter

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Nia Riley hailed her “one and only,” Kamryn Riley. On June 16, 2021, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood actress honored her daughter’s 8th birthday with a series of adorable images and videos. The images and videos contained happy memories from the past, as well as a lovely selfie in front of the camera.

“Happy 8th Birthday to my one and only,” she said in the caption. “My finest gift!” She makes me laugh out loud every day; the girl is hilarious! “I adore you, Kammy!”

Nia praised Royal Divazz Kidz Spa LLC, a mobile girls’ spa and entertainment company, for coming through and planning a children’s party for her baby’s birthday the next day. For nearly eight years, the magazine model has kept her baby daddy’s identity a secret.

Ex-boyfriend Suspected of Being Nia Riley’s Father

Despite the fact that Nia has remained mum about her baby daddy, fans and netizens have claimed that her ex-boyfriend could be the father of her child. She was also alleged to be the biological mother of Nia’s child, Kamryn, with her ex-boyfriend Soulja Boy. For nearly ten years, they had been in an on-again, off-again relationship.

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Following the rapper’s success with ‘Crank That’ in 2007, the two began collaborating. It was his first success to stay at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks. Nia and Soulja were then featured on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as a couple. Soulja’s affair with her friend Nas Smith, Nia’s miscarriage, and Nia’s miscarriage were all included on the episode.

Soulja Boy is not the baby’s father.

During her stay on the reality show, however, she disclosed that Soulja was not her daughter’s biological father after giving birth to Kamryn in June 2013. The socialite allegedly accused him of kicking her in the stomach when she was pregnant in a March 2021 interview with The Jasmine Brand.

“He was well aware that I was pregnant,” Nia stated. “I was around 15 weeks.” I don’t believe I informed anybody else I was pregnant because, honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do or what I wanted to do.”

Nia’s father was rumored to be Chris Brown, a musician, in addition to Soulja. When TMZ revealed that Chris had a kid named Nia with a model, the speculation began. The charges were later proven to be untrue, as Chris had a daughter with Nia Guzman instead of Nia Riley.

Teddy Riley’s daughter, Nia Riley

Nia Riley is a well-known model, reality personality, and socialite who is the daughter of legendary singer-songwriter Teddy Riley. Shanel Cosmetics, which the reality star owns and controls, is a cosmetics brand. The company claims to be able to supply make-up with vibrant colors and easy-to-understand themes at an affordable price. She also uses social media to advertise the Total Life Changes brand’s products, such as CBD tea, infinity oil, and vitamins. Nia’s net worth appears to be substantial as a result of her work, although she has yet to divulge her total fortune.

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