Stacey Dash Had A Lot Of Upside Down While Growing Up

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Stacey Dash, an American actress, grew up in the South Bronx borough of New York and had a terrible upbringing. Linda and Dennis Dash, her young parents, were both heroin addicts. As a result of his parents’ addiction, Dash never had a decent family life. She was forced to live with another family when she was four years old. Unfortunately, she was physically assaulted by a teenager in the house, and his parents suppressed her.

Dash was unable to tell her parents about her story, so she went it alone. When she was just 12 years old, the former television star uncovered her parents’ drug issue. She found her father’s kit and abandoned it behind her grandparents’ house in the woods. When her father found out, he became enraged and beat up on Dash, forcing her to return the equipment. Dash fought hard despite her terrible upbringing and eventually forgiven her parents.

Stacey Dash and Her Family

Dash’s parents, from whom she inherited her Mexican and Afro-Bajan ancestors, did not appear to show her the love and support she craved. The Bronx native admitted to having no ties with either of her parents in a July 2018 interview with the Fallen State. When she was sixteen years old, her mother introduced her to narcotics. As a result, Dash struggled with addiction and existential difficulties. She even admitted to having suicide thoughts.

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When Dash became entangled in an abusive relationship, things only became worse. Her ex-boyfriend allegedly assaulted her, striking her in the breast, legs, and any other exposed bodily part. She was still in the same dreadful position when she escaped her abuser and became pregnant with singer Christopher Williams’ child. She was on her way to an abortion clinic. On the other side, the responsibility of parenthood changed her life. Dash gave birth to her first child, Austin Williams, on October 29, 1991.

Stacey Dash Apologizes to Her Mother and Father

Only a day before her son’s birth, Dash spoke to her father for the first and last time in years. He overdosed and was taken to the hospital, she alleged in the aforementioned tell-all interview. Just before he drew his last breath, he and his daughter had a brief but emotional conversation. Dash was angry and heartbroken by her father’s untimely death. She claimed she was enraged because he preferred drugs to her, yet she claimed to be aware of his medical condition. She also stated that she had forgiven him.

The talented artist then spoke about her mother, recalling a mother-daughter encounter just before her death in November 2017. Dash expressed her thankfulness for being able to forgive her mother on time and build a solid relationship with her, even if it was only for a short time. Her early hardships, according to the mother of two, taught her morality, ethics, commitment, and hard work.

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