Tatjana Lee Orchid- Meet Nick Rhodes’ Daughter

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Nick Rhodes, whose real name is Nicholas James Bates, is most known for being a founding member of the new wave band Duran Duran. He also plays keyboards for the band. In case you didn’t know, Duran Duran was one of the most successful and best-selling bands of the 1980s. Furthermore, the members of the band have earned considerable fame and fortune throughout the course of their careers.

The musician’s personal life has also come to light as a result of his popularity. He is also a loving father to his daughter Tatjana Lee Orchid. Today, we’ll talk about Nick Rhodes’ daughter.

Is The Only Child Of Her Parents

Tatjana Lee Orchid, commonly known as Tatjana Rhodes, was born to the keyboardist’s former wife Julie Anne Friedman. Nick Rhodes’ ex-wife is the heiress of Iowan Younkers Department Store, a former department store and internet retailer. The former couple married on August 18, 1984.

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Nick and Julie met at a yacht party while on tour in the United States in 1982 and dated for a year before marrying. Tatjana was born on August 23, 1986, only a few months after the couple married. She was truly blessed to be born to such loving parents.

As previously indicated, Tatjana Rhodes’ parents are no longer married. When she was a child, her parents’ marriage began to fall apart. The Rhodes-Friedman pair attempted, but failed, to reconnect after a brief separation. As a result, the ex-relationship couple’s was formally ended in 1992. Tatjana had a happy childhood and, hopefully, spent time with both of her parents.

Is A 2009 Graduate Of Central St. Martin’s College

After completing her formal schooling, Nick Rhodes’ daughter received a diploma in art and design, media, cinema, and animation from the London College of Communication in 2006.

Her bachelor’s degree was earned at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. In 2009, she graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with a focus on moving pictures, cinema, and photography.

Nick Rhodes’ Daughter Is A Film Editor

Tatjana Lee rose to fame as the only child of a well-known musician and member of the Duran Duran band. Despite this, she has accomplished a lot in her own profession. She is a multi-award-winning film and video editor. Her works include Knights of the Damned, The Ant Farm, Dorcha, In2ruders, A Walk Home, and many others.

After getting a degree in graphic design, media, and moving images, the keyboardist’s daughter followed a career in the same field. Tatjana began her career at MGM as a production intern almost a decade ago. During her time there, she worked on the feature film 1408.

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As a top film and video editor, the blonde beauty has already established herself. Ealing Studios, Red Production Company, Gorilla Editors Limited, Cosmopolitan Pictures Limited, and others are among the companies for which she has worked. Tatjana is also self-employed, with a contract with Buccaneer Media/Acorn TV that begins in February 2022.

Tatjana Rhodes’ net worth must therefore be large. Nick Rhodes, her father, is worth $60 million in terms of fortune.

Tatjana Rhodes Is A Huge Dog Lover

Tatjana’s nickname is Taj, and she adores dogs. Looking at her Instagram profile, you can see how much she enjoys her chihuahua, Alfie Bates. In addition, the dog has its own Instagram account.

Nick Rhodes’ daughter, in particular, is in her mid-thirties and has already established a name in the business. She hasn’t divulged anything about her personal life, however. Her relationship status is unknown, but she does not appear to be married. Tatjana Lee Orchid’s lover will be fortunate in any situation.

Regardless, the film editor enjoys a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. Let’s hope she’s enjoying herself in her private life. We wish the talented musician’s daughter all the best in the future.

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