Tim Mackie

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Tim Mackie is a well-known American educator, screenwriter, preacher, lecturer, artist, and animator.

What is the Net worth of Tim Mackie in 2022?

Tim Mackie’s estimated net worth in 2022 is $3 million dollars. This comprises all of his assets, money, and profits. His main source of income is his employment as a theologian. Tim has earned a sizable fortune from many sources of income, yet he prefers to live a simple life.

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Early Life of Tim Mackie

Tim Mackie was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, to Paul and Linda. His precise birth year is unknown. When he was a youngster, he joined Skatechurn, a non-profit Christian ministry in Portland.

Education of Tim Mackie

Multnomah University awarded Tim Mackie his bachelor’s degree. He also got a Master of Arts degree from Western Seminary and a Ph.D. in Jewish and Hebrew Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Body measurements

Tim Mackie stands around the same height as the rest of the crowd. He is rather tall, if his photographs in proportion to his surroundings are any clue. However, his actual height and other body measurements are still unknown.

Relationship Status: Married

Mackie and Jessica were in a long-term relationship and dated for several years before they married. Although there is little information about their relationship, the long-term lovers married in 2010 and have two children, Roman and August.

Presence on social media

Mackie has become a well-known character and a prominent influencer as a result of his podcast and Bible Project. Similarly, many people like communicating with him via numerous methods. Mackie likes interacting with people from all around the world, which is why he utilizes social media to provide Bible and Christian material.

Professional Career

Tim Mackie is a pastor, lecturer, author, and podcaster who became well-known as a consequence of the Bible Project. Before becoming an associate professor at Western Seminary, he began his career as a teaching pastor in Portland churches. Mackie and his classmate Jonathan Collins founded BibleProject, an activity studio, in August 2013. The Book of Scriptures Project creates films to clarify and improve on the Bible’s complex themes.

In 2014, the group created their first two albums, combining Mackie’s biblical knowledge with Collins’ visual storytelling abilities. The Book of Scriptures Project is self-governing. The Bible App, Vimeo, and others all have access to the association’s YouTube channel and movies. The project’s slogan is “bring the cutting edge to the forefront.”

In 2015, Tim Mackie and his close friend Collins started the BibleProject digital recording to explore further into the Bible. They also discuss the scriptural principle that underpins each animated video and series they produce. In August 2017, Mackie began promoting a BibleProject-produced online series called Exploring My Strange Bible. He compiled his more than a decade of speeches, lessons, and homeroom lessons onto the web video to help audience members understand the Bible’s passages and historical context.

Mackie worked as a showing pastor at Blackhawk Church in Madison, Wisconsin, after finishing his education. Following his evaluation, he also taught at Portland’s Door of Hope Church, and as a result, he was appointed as an assistant instructor at Western Seminary. In an interview with Patheos in October 2020, Mackie said that his coaches and teachers educated him about the Bible’s language and culture. Furthermore, Mackie stated that the relevance of the Hebrew Bible astounded him in a variety of ways.


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