Tyler Zed

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Tyler Zed is a well-known social media figure. He is a former air force veteran who has become a Youtube sensation, attracting viewers with his unique material. On his YouTube channel, he discusses reality in terms of power, degradation, and, of course, absurdity, which he conveys through humor.

What is the Net worth of Tyler Zed in 2022?

In today’s society, Zed is a well-known social media celebrity who makes a career from his Youtube channel. In addition to Youtube, he has Instagram and Twitter, where he makes a lot of money through commercial deals. Zeds’ net worth is currently estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, and he is prudently managing his funds.

Wikis of Tyler Zed

Early Life of Tyler Zed

Zed is of mixed origin and was born in the United States. He hasn’t revealed his exact date of birth. As a result, Zed described his upbringing as pleasurable, that he hailed from a well-off family, and that his parents were supportive. He had previously mentioned that his family had always supported him to achieve anything he wanted in life. Apart from that, Zed has been tight-lipped about his family and pals.

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Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Tyler Zed is 5’8″ tall and weighs 68 kg. Tyler Zed is a tall, athletic young man with good proportions. Tyler Zed is of average height and weight.


Tyler graduated from Westlake High School with a 3.2 GPA, according to his educational history. However, he was unable to finish his schooling at the time and chose to join the military instead. Zed majored in Political Science with an Economics minor at the University of San Francisco after returning from the service.

Relationship Status: Married

Zed married his wife in the year 2021. He took a break from creating material to explain that he needed to get ready for his wedding. However, his biography had little details about his love life. In February of 2022, Zed and his wife had their first child, a daughter.

Youtube and publications

In 2018, he co-authored the book ‘101 Facts That Will Convince Your Liberal Friend to Leave,’ which was published. The book is about liberals’ political goal of using the media to manipulate people’s emotions. In the book, Zed discusses political and psychological manipulation that encourages voters to become blinded by despair and wrath.

He also wrote on WMDs, gun laws, and the status of the US in the aftermath of 9/11, which pushed the military to establish a presence in Iraq.

Presence on social media

Because he is well-known on social networking platforms as a social media personality. Tyler may be found online as @realtylerzed on Instagram, where he has over 28k followers, on Facebook, where he has 110k fans, and on Twitter, where he has 165k fans.

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Professional Carrer

  • Zed has had a YouTube channel called Zeducation since 2018. Zed launched Zedcast, a YouTube podcast, in 2019 and an Apple podcast in 2020.
  • He discusses political concerns, liberty, hypocrisy, memes, drama, and other topics on his Zeducation channel, which has over 900k subscribers. Similarly, his second podcast channel, Zedcast, has over 100k subscribers. He has launched a new channel called Zedumentaries, where he broadcasts a variety of documentaries.
  • He served in the United States Air Force from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2015. Zed is also working on a monument for deceased servicemen and a support group for people who have been affected by combat trauma.
  • From 2011 through 2015, Tyler Zed served in the United States Air Force. Those four years were the strangest of his life, he says. Zed is a big supporter of veterans and is now working on a system to honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of their nation, as well as supporting veterans who have returned home and are suffering from their combat experiences.

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