Yara Zaya

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Yara Zaya is a reality personality who is most known for her appearances on 90 Day Fiancé for eight seasons. However, the reality star is back in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, a spin-off series. While people are eager to see Yara and her spouse, she has established herself as an influencer and owns a clothing line. There are also rumors that Yara will give birth to her second kid.

What is the Net Worth, Salary, and Income of Yara Zaya?

Yara is a reality TV star who rose to prominence after appearing on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. Season 8 of the show featured Yara and her husband as the primary characters. In addition, in the sixth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, the couple returned to the show’s spin-off series. Yara had previously appeared on various Ukrainian reality series, such as Who is Against Blondes?, before joining TLC. And don’t forget about the Blondes.


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Yara is a social media influencer with over 426k Instagram followers, in addition to her TV appearances. She’s also active on YouTube, where her self-titled channel has over 25k subscribers. Yarazaya, Yara’s own apparel line, is also a hit. Swimsuits, bikinis, coats, and other items are part of her clothing brand. Each episode of 90 Day Fiancé is expected to pay Yara approximately $14,000. Yara Zaya’s net worth is believed to be $200,000.


Wikis of Yaraslava Zaya

Real Name Yaraslava Zaya
Birthday June 9, 1995
Birthplace Ukraine
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality Ukrainian-American
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Reality Star and Influencer
Married/Husband Jovi Dufren
Net Worth $200k
Parents Olga and Hungarian father

Early Life of Yara Zaya: Age, Birth

Yaraslava Zaya was born in Ukraine in 1995. Her birthdate is June 9th, which makes her 26 years old. She is of mixed heritage and possesses Ukrainian-American nationality.

Siblings, Parents, and Family

Yara was born to a Hungarian mother and a Russian father. Her father is a wealthy businessman, and her mother is a Zakarpattia baker. When she was a child, her parents divorced.

Body Measurements: Height and weight

Yara stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She, too, has a fit and lovely physique that she keeps in shape by doing kickboxing and going to the gym. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are prominent aspects of her face.

Relationship Status: Married, Husband, and Children

Jovi Dufren, Yara’s husband, is her life partner. Her husband works with Schilling UHD as a ROV Supervisor. Despite this, the pair met on a dating app while abroad. Despite the fact that their relationship began as a one-night fling, it developed and they began traveling together. Jovi proposed to Yara when she became pregnant, and the two applied for a K-1 visa. Unfortunately, she miscarried before reaching in the United States.


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When they arrived in the United States, they were given an apartment in the Warehouse District. Yara and Jovi married in February 2020 in Las Vegas after being pregnant for the second time, and their daughter Mylah was born in September 2020. Regardless, Yara and Jovi’s marriage is far from perfect. Yara threatened to leave Jovi and return to Ukraine after an incident in which he took her to a strip club on their anniversary. Many followers of the couple have also believed that the couple is expecting their second child. Yara and her husband, on the other hand, have yet to corroborate the rumors.


Career and Professional Life

Yara has worked as a waitress, a hostess, and a cosmetics artist in addition to owning and operating a shop in Ukraine.

After appearing alongside her boyfriend, Jovi Dufren, on the eighth season of the American reality television series “90 Day Fiance,” Yara gained notoriety. The show will premiere on December 6, 2020.

With a strong fan base, the couple has become one of the show’s most popular and well-liked couples. The couple has argued on the show several times since their arrival in the United States, prompting viewers to fear that their favorite couple is on the verge of breaking up, despite the fact that they are still together.


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Moreover, this is not Yara’s first appearance on television; she has already been in a number of Ukrainian shows.

She made her first appearance on television in 2013 on the Ukrainian show “Fashion to the People.” She auditioned for the show, which aired on TET, in the hopes of receiving a whole makeover.

She then joined 49 other female contestants on the Ukrainian game program “Who Is Against Blondes?” In an interview, Zaya stated that she did not want to be on the show, but that she had no choice because she had already agreed.

Some FAQs

What does Yara Zaya do for a living?

“Can you tell me what you do for a living?” The fan inquired about Yara’s online clothes store, to which Yara replied that she works for her clothing line, beauty brand, and Instagram account. She admitted to the fan that she is quite busy.


How old is Yara and Jovi baby?

Happily Ever After on 90 Day Fiancé? Mylah Dufren, the daughter of Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya, is one year old. On season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, viewers witnessed Jovi and Yara’s K-1 visa journey. Their plans to marry were complicated even further when Yara discovered she was pregnant shortly after arriving in America from Ukraine.

Where is Yara now?

Jovi and Yara were forced to flee their home, and Jovi and Yara took their daughter Mylah to Dallas, Texas, to wait out the storm. Since then, the pair has been traveling the country as a family and is considering relocating to a new state permanently.

What is Jovi and Yara baby name?

However, in September 2020, Yara and Jovi (who married in Las Vegas in February 2020) welcomed their first child, princess Mylah.


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