Young K Of DAY 6 Won The Contest Against 49 US And KATUSA Soldiers

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The Eighth Army’s Best Warrior Competition was won by DAY6’s Young K, alias Kang Young-Hyun, a KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to the US Army). The competition lasted six days and included a variety of activities that tested a soldier’s mental and physical capabilities, such as small weapons qualifying, terrain navigation, and obstacle courses.

Young K triumphed against 49 US and KATUSA troops in the Best Warrior competition. From May 8 to 13, the Best Warrior and Squad Competition for the 2022 Eighth Army Competition was held. The results were just released, and the vocalist of You Were Beautiful was named Best Warrior.

Young K of DAY6 talks about earning Best Warrior as a KATUSA soldier.

Young K of JYP Entertainment’s band DAY6 made headlines when he revealed his decision to join the KATUSA. The singer became the first K-pop artist to join the coveted KATUSA, a branch of the Republic of Korea army that sends South Korean personnel to US military bases. After enduring difficult tests against 49 US and KATUSA warriors, the Zombie vocalist, who also works as a bassist, rapper, and composer and has over 149 song credits on KOMCA, has been named Army’s Best Warrior 2022.

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An eight-mile march, survival skills, and knot-tying examinations were among the activities on which the troops were evaluated. The K-pop sensation told Stars and Stripes, an American military news website, that a non-commissioned officer persuaded him to participate in the tournament back in April. He decided to take part the same night as he spoke with the police. The K-pop star also talked about his military ambitions, saying that one of his aims while serving his necessary military service was to get fit.

“That night, I made a choice. Since my sole aim in the Army was to have a healthier physique, to create a better one, because I didn’t take care of [it] previously.”

Despite his victory, the K-pop artist spoke out about his struggles and shortcomings.

“There were some glitches.” There were moments when I was on the verge of collapsing, but being able to overcome my limitations… gave me greater confidence in myself — believing in myself — and believing that I, too, can achieve other things.”

The honor of serving as a KATUSA soldier was also mentioned by the DAY6 member. The KATUSA branch is in high demand for a variety of reasons. Life is a little easier for KATUSA troops, according to a November 2021 item in The Korea Herald. They can leave on weekdays; unlike earlier conscriptions, troops usually live in pairs or alone, removing the possibility of hazing and abuse (a rampant part of military service). It’s equally difficult to get into a KATUSA branch. Candidates for the draft must pass one of many English language tests. Following the testing, KATUSA uses a lottery system to choose a number of troops.

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